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Sage Advisor
document About SageAdvisor
About SageAdvisor SageAdvisor provides secure, online access to the following information and services for students, faculty, and employees:  Students: View class schedule View statement of Account/Financial Aid Information View Course Offerings Search/Register for Courses ...
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document How to Register for Classes Online (SageAdvisor)
How to Register for Classes Online (SageAdvisor) Students have the privilege of registering for their courses online. The process is fairly simple. One important factor to pay attention to, whether online or on pen and paper, is that you double check the course name, number, and ID.  To...
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document How do I access my paystub online?
 How do I access my paystub online?   Using your favorite web browser go to Under Resources select SageAdvisor, towards the right center of the page. Your browser will open in a new window Click Log In in the upper right of the screen -and enter...
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