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document How to connect gaming and media devices to Sage WiFi
Normally, any device that has a built in internet browser can be added easily to the sage wifi, as seen HERE But, a device that has no browser, such as: most smart TVs Xbox 360 (without IE) Roku and other steaming devices To add these devices, please go to...
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document How to Install Microsoft's free virus scanner
How to Install Microsoft's free virus scanner Need a free, and trustworthy Anti-Virus product?   Good News!  The following article will detail how to install Microsoft’s free antivirus program, Microsoft Security Essentials. Microsoft Security Essentials provides real-time...
16 May, 2012 Views: 2199 Comments: 0
document Avast! - Essentials (Free Edition) Download/Installation
Avast! - Essentials (Free Edition) *This guide is meant for use on personal computers, not computers owned by the school* Avast! - Essentials is an anti-virus program available to Windows users for free. It is a powerful and useful application to keep your computer running smoothly and your...
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document About SageAdvisor
About SageAdvisor SageAdvisor provides secure, online access to the following information and services for students, faculty, and employees:  Students: View class schedule View statement of Account/Financial Aid Information View Course Offerings Search/Register for Courses ...
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document Seven Tips For Securing Your PC
Seven Tips For Securing Your PC Some of these tips will not apply to Sage owned computers,  but all will apply to personally owned machines. for example,  the first item talks about windows updates, and the second talks about Virus Protection. Both of these items (and more)...
16 May, 2012 Views: 2238 Comments: 0
document Cable TV for Students: Basic Channel Line up
Time Warner Cable's Standard Troy, NY Channel Line-Up Channel & Channel Name Channel & Channel Name 1 Time Warner Cable Info 40 The Learning Channel 2 Cable Satellite Public...
05 May, 2016 Views: 3337 Comments: 0
document Cable TV for Students: Upgrade Package
Time Warner Cable also offers our students the option to order additional upgrade packages at a special college rate. These optional packages create a contract strictly between the student and Time Warner Cable. The Sage College is not directly involved with the upgrade package contracts. To...
05 May, 2016 Views: 3665 Comments: 0
document How do I install Adobe Flash Player?
How to download and install Flash Player  Many websites today incorporate movies, animations, and other multimedia effects into their web pages.  This includes several key systems at Sage, including Moodle.  When your instructor posts a movie to your course, it will likely use flash...
14 May, 2012 Views: 2902 Comments: 0
document How do I install RealPlayer?
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document How do I install Apple Quicktime?
How do I install Apple Quicktime on my computer? *Note,  this article descirbes a process that cannot be completed on Sage owned computers.  This is intended for student or faculty owned computers.  Sage owned computers should already have this software installed. ...
08 May, 2013 Views: 2195 Comments: 0
document How to install Malwarebytes
What Malwarebytes does for your computer is scan and remove any detected malware on your machine. Malware can be briefly defined as harmful coding or files on your computer with the intention of ruining or slowing computer performance and gain unauthorized permission to all of your...
16 May, 2012 Views: 1869 Comments: 0
document What software is available on classroom computers?
Below is a list of installed software on classroom computers. Please give advanced notice of any new software needed. Email [email protected] to submit a ticket. 7-zip Adobe Reader X AIM Alice Audacity Dia Eclipse Foodworks12 Google Earth GSP 4.07 ImgBurn IE 8 jGrasp Jing MS Office 2010...
16 May, 2012 Views: 1627 Comments: 0
document Maps of the Sage Colleges
Maps of the Sage Colleges Below are links to campus maps for both the Albany or Troy campus. Here you can download printable .pdf's of the two campuses. For the Albany campus, click here. For the Troy campus, click here.
16 May, 2012 Views: 1087 Comments: 0
document How to submit course evaluation forms
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document How to download an Ebrary ebook to an IPad
Download Ebrary Books to Your iPad Create an Adobe ID 1.       Go to 2.       Click “Create an account” 3.       Fill in at least the starred fields…...
25 Oct, 2012 Views: 1596 Comments: 0
document Where are the computer labs located on the Troy campus?
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE There are three computer labs on the Troy campus.  Two of them...
08 Mar, 2013 Views: 920 Comments: 0
document How to find a MAC address on the Xbox 360
 How to find MAC Address on Xbox 360 Wired and Wireless Connection From the Xbox Dashboard ·         Select System from the Settings tab ·         Select  Network Settings...
17 Apr, 2013 Views: 4387 Comments: 0
document Where can I print in color on the Albany campus?
The Albany Library provides color printing services: Login to one of the computers in the Library and print your document Go to the printer pick up station and use the color printer. If you are an Interior design student you can print in color in the Art & Design Building  room 302 note:...
15 Jul, 2013 Views: 679 Comments: 0
document Where is the Helpdesk located?
Troy Campus When you are on the first floor of the Shea Learning Center after coming in the front door, turn left and go down the stairs. Once downstairs, turn left again and you will find a desk where one of our student workers is located and they will be glad to assist you or get in contact...
10 Nov, 2015 Views: 891 Comments: 0
document Where can I access the academic calendar online?
The academic calendar will tell you about many important dates during the campus year, such as holidays and add/drop periods. The official academic calendar is set each spring for the upcoming two academic years. Sage's academic years begin in the summer and run through the fall and spring...
21 Oct, 2013 Views: 741 Comments: 0

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