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document Persistent linking to Library Database Articles
Persistent links, also called durable or stable links, are internet addresses or URLs that remain consistent and do not change over time. This allows users to retrieve articles and other subscribed content by clicking on a link embedded in a web site, email or course management system. Only...
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document Copyright and Fair Use: Frequently Asked Questions
For answers to Copyright and Fair Use FAQs, click here.
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document How to download an Ebrary ebook to an IPad
Download Ebrary Books to Your iPad Create an Adobe ID 1. Go to 2. Click “Create an account” 3. Fill in at least the starred fields… 4. Click “OK” Create an ebrary account 1. Go to the Sage Libraries website...
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document Where is the Helpdesk located?
Troy Campus When you are on the first floor of the Shea Learning Center after coming in the front door, turn left and go down the stairs. Once downstairs, turn left again and you will find a desk where one of our student workers is located and they will be glad to assist you or get in contact...
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