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document How to Create a Turnitin Assignment in Moodle
Turnitin Assignment In Moodle FOR INSTRUCTORS: Create Click 'Turn editing On'. Click 'Add an Activity or Resource'. Select 'Turnitin Activity'. Fill out Title and Description. Change the Following if necessary. Number of Parts- Make this more than 1 if you'd like to submit drafts...
26 Oct, 2017 Views: 0
document How to Register for Classes
Student Registration How to use the self-service portal (use QUICKLINKS to navigate to Sage Advisor) or How to Register (Video) How to Register (Online Student Video) Plan Once in Sage Advisor, select Student Planning in the Registration...
10 Oct, 2017 Views: 0
document Turnitin accounts
Turnitin accounts are managed by Amy Pass. To have an account created, contact Amy Pass at [email protected] SageOnline (518) 244-4580 [email protected]
10 Oct, 2017 Views: 357
document Google Docs
Google Docs Video Google Docs Presentation
20 Apr, 2016 Views: 147
document Adding a Quiz to Moodle
HOW TO Adding a Quiz (video): Turn Editing On Add and Activity or Resource Add a Quiz Name it Edit Timing (Optional) Grade (Choose # of attempts/Grade Category- if applicable) Edit Question Behavior (select shuffle within questions) Review...
20 Feb, 2017 Views: 0