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document Subscribing to listservs
A variety of listservs (discussion lists) are available. Here are a few directories to explore: H-Net discussion networks focus on the humanities and social sciences. LSoft hosts a searchable database of lists (includes but not limited to academic lists) hosts a browsable index of...
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document Annotated Links
Writing University of Maryland's tutorials for students: How to Avoid Plagiarism.Need a really good tool for teaching students what plagiarism is and how to avoid it? The University of Maryland has several excellent multimedia tutorials for that purpose. Students will even get a printable...
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document E-mail confidentiality statement
Any employee e-mail sent from the college's e-mail system should include the following confidentiality statement: CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email, including any attachments, is for the sole use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information. Any...
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document Persistent linking to Library Database Articles
Persistent links, also called durable or stable links, are internet addresses or URLs that remain consistent and do not change over time. This allows users to retrieve articles and other subscribed content by clicking on a link embedded in a web site, email or course management system. Only...
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document Emerging Technologies
Emerging Technologies Feeds: RSS and Podcasting RSS: Web feeds provide web content or summaries of web content together with links to the full versions of the content, and other metadata. CampusCruiser allows you to add RSS Feeds, not only to your dashboard, but also to the welcome page of your...
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document Copyright and Fair Use: Frequently Asked Questions
For answers to Copyright and Fair Use FAQs, click here.  
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document E-Mail Address Auto Lookup
E-Mail Address Auto Lookup Previously, when composing a new E-mail, you were able to enter a few characters in the TO: field, which would in turn share possible suggestions from your personal Address Book. However, this feature has now been enhanced to retrieve addresses from your campus's User...
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document How to use NEC web management in GUR 204
*NEC web management is currently used in Gurley 204 only 1.  Double click icon marked NEC web managment on your desktop 2.  On the left hand side, choose "Projector Status and Control". Do not use any other menu. 3.  From there, please turn on the projector using the "Power On"...
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document 2012 Smartcart information
As of Fall 2012, we have a new addition to the Sage technology assets, the 2012 microtower smartcart! In order to use it, please press the power button seen here: If you would like to use the front USB 3.0 ports, cardreader, or headphone jack, please flip the front panel that says "lenovo" on...
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document How do I create a Skype account?
 How do I create a Skype account?   Getting a Skype account is simple and straight forward. It takes only three (3) steps. Use your web browser to go to In the upper right corner click,, Join Skype. You have the options of using your Microsoft account (A...
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document What rooms have smartboards available on campus? (Troy and Albany)
 What rooms have smartboards available on campus? (Troy and Albany) The Sage Colleges has several classrooms that are equip with Smartboards or Interactive Whiteboards. There are big differences between the 2 types of boards; one being you should NEVER use the EXPO MARKERS on a Smartboard made...
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document How to Scan using a Toshiba printer/copier
1.   Load paper in top feeder to scan multiple pages, or raise the top of the printer to use the glass scanning bed for single pages. 2.  Plugin USB drive in slot on front of printer if wanting to scan to usb 3.  Press the scan button to select the scan mode, then choose...
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document How to use 2014 smart carts
For the new year, we have a new smartcart design.  This will feature a standing type cart with plenty of space and space to move the mouse and monitor while still having room for class materials. Its solid design also has easier access to the front USB and audio ports if needed. With this...
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document How to Purchase Office 2013
For those that are interested in using their Faculty and Staff discount to purchase Microsoft Office 2013 you will first need to go over to the On the Hub Website ( The first thing that you are going to want to do when going over to that website is to register for an...
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document Software discounts for Sage employees/students
The Sage Colleges in partnership with our software providers, offers discounts on educational software. Discounts are available for both employees and students. Our discount site can be found at Here you can register your Sage account and find discount price...
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document How do I find my Computer's Name in Windows 8?
Move your mouse to the lower left hand corner of the screen.  A small blue box will appear after about two seconds. After that appears right click on it and a long list will appear.  The item that we are currently searching for is “System” which is fourth from the...
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document Using
If you want to delete or rename a document: Left Click on the Diamond Shape Next to the Name: And that will open an options menu that will allow you to Rename, Move (To a folder if you make folders), Delete, or Duplicate the file: If you want to Edit a Document: Because of the set up...
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document Google Docs
Google Docs Video Google Docs Presentation
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