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document How to Create a Turnitin Assignment in Moodle
Turnitin Assignment In Moodle FOR INSTRUCTORS: Create Click 'Turn editing On'. Click 'Add an Activity or Resource'. Select 'Turnitin Activity'. Fill out Title and Description. Change the Following if necessary. Number of Parts- Make this more than 1 if you'd like to submit drafts...
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document How to grade a Forum in Moodle
How to grade a Forum in Moodle Locate and click on the forum on the main course page. The Discussion Forum page will open and display the posts. Locate the forum post that you wish to grade. Click the Discussion link. Locate the Rate drop-down box under the post that you wish to grade. ...
23 Nov, 2015 Views: 448 Comments: 0
document How to add an Editing Co-Teacher to a course
How to add an instructor to your course? You (faculty) now have the ability to add other faculty to your courses using the Editing Co-teacher role. (How to Video) From the Moodle Course page: In the Administration block, Click Users then Enrolled users. On the right of that page click...
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document Grade Book
How to Set Up Grade Book Grade Book Setup Adding Categories Video: Category Setup From the Moodle Course Page Select ‘Grades’ in the Administration block Select ‘Setup’ Categories and Items Your aggregation method should be ‘Natural’. At the bottom of the screen, Select...
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document How to request a Meta course
What is a meta course and why might you want one? A meta course is an umbrella site that allows an instructor to build one Moodle site that will allow the instructor to include all students from several cross-listed sections. Students and instructors, if there is more than one instructor, will...
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document Deleting a Quiz attempt
Go into your Moodle course Find the Activities block Click on Quizzes Find the quiz name and click on "attempts" to the right. Find the student(s) name Check the box on the left of their name Scroll to the bottom of the student grid and click "Delete selected attempts" SageOnline Stephanie...
01 Mar, 2016 Views: 231 Comments: 0
document Create a folder in Moodle
This tutorial demonstrates how to create a folder and add documents to it in Moodle. Click HERE Sage Online Stephanie Nevins Christie Tooker (518) 244-4580 [email protected]
22 Jun, 2015 Views: 440 Comments: 0
document MT-202 Training
To register for MT202, click HERE and fill out the registration form completely (Make sure that you're logged into your Sage Account for access). Once you submit this registration form you will contacted by a member of Sage Online, via email, within 72 hours with links to MT-202, and a blank...
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document How to Alter your Moodle Course Home Page
How to Alter your Moodle Course Home Page SageOnline Video Tutorial To Add Materials (From Moodle Course Home Page): Edit Settings On - Top right corner of the screen. Choose a Module Click Add a Resource or Activity Select Type (Make adjustments) Select Save and Return to Course. To...
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document LiveText Accounts
To register a new faculty membership, follow these steps: First, Contact Sage Online for Key Code. Once you have the keycode. 1. Start our preferred web browser, Mozilla Firefox. The latest version of Firefox may be downloaded for free at 2. Enter directly into the...
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document Manage Blocks
Managing Blocks (video tutorial: The above video will walk you through adding, removing, docking and undocking blocks in moodle. Adding New Blocks Select 'Edit Settings' Click the drop down list and select the appropriate option. To EDIT each...
19 Oct, 2017 Views: 126 Comments: 0
document Create a Forum
Creating a Forum (video tutorial: Forums) The above video will walk you through setting up a basic forum. Select Add an 'Activity or Resource'. Choose 'Forum' and select 'Add'. Fill in 'Forum Name' and 'Description'. *Note- Be as clear as possible with what you are asking the student...
19 Oct, 2017 Views: 143 Comments: 0
document Backup & Restore Moodle course
Backup (video tutorial: Go to course in new Moodle ( Take note of how many blocks are in the course (you will need this information later during the restore process) On the left, under Settings, click backup Next Next Perform backup ...
19 Oct, 2017 Views: 752 Comments: 0
document Text Editor in Moodle
Changing your Text Editor in Moodle If you would like to revert to the old text editor that is found in forums, assignments and various other locations throughout Moodle, follow the steps below: Log in to Moodle Along the left side, click My Profile Settings Click Edit Profile Scroll...
22 Jul, 2015 Views: 337 Comments: 0
document Grant Extension in Assignments
Grant Extension in Assignments Once the assignment is set up, click on the assignment from the main course page. In the Administration block, click "View/grade all submissions". Click the "select" box to the left of the students’ name(s) who need the extension. *Scroll to the...
02 Mar, 2016 Views: 209 Comments: 0
document How to Create a Wiki
The link below is a tutorial on how to create and use a wiki in Moodle. Wiki's are a great tool for online group or collaborative work. For more information, please contact Sage Online. How to create a wiki: Sage Online (518) 244-4580...
14 Apr, 2016 Views: 173 Comments: 0
document Adding Security to Quizzes using PoodLL Recording
Adding Security to Quizzes using PoodLL Recording (video tutorial: Student Verification Tool) (video tutorial: Student View) (video tutorial: Reviewing Responses) The above videos will walk you through adding and completing a PoodLL question to your Moodle Quiz. HOW TO Add a...
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document Messaging Multiple Class Participants
Messaging Multiple Class Participants (video tutorial: messaging) The above video will walk you through sending messages to Course/Class Participants. From the Moodle Course Homepage Select 'Participants' from the Navigation Block. Scroll to the bottom of the screen. Select 'Show all...
25 Aug, 2016 Views: 70 Comments: 0
document Adding a Quiz to Moodle
HOW TO Adding a Quiz (video): Turn Editing On Add and Activity or Resource Add a Quiz Name it Edit Timing (Optional) Grade (Choose # of attempts/Grade Category- if applicable) Edit Question Behavior (select shuffle within questions) Review...
20 Feb, 2017 Views: 0 Comments: 0
document Create a URL Resource in Moodle
How to create a URL resource in Moodle: Go into your course. Turn editing on and go to the module that you would like to add your URL link to. CLICK add an activity or resource. Scroll to the bottom of the list and lick the radio button next to URL and CLICK add. Enter the name of...
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