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Cable TV for Students: Upgrade Package

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Last updated: 05 May, 2016

Time Warner Cable also offers our students the option to order additional upgrade packages at a special college rate. These optional packages create a contract strictly between the student and Time Warner Cable. The Sage College is not directly involved with the upgrade package contracts.

To order by phone call (518)640-8621 and follow the prompts.

Payment options for any upgrade package can be found at

OPTIONAL & PREMIUM STUDENT CATV OFFERS**  (Subject to change contact Time Warner Cable directly for updated packages)                  

College PICS Package #1- $9.95* x month 



College PICS Package #2 - $19.95* x month

includes: Standard 78 channel lineup,


PLUS: Digital video recorder(DVR),

remote control, and on-screen program guide


includes: Standard 78 channel lineup,

PLUS: College PICs Package # 1,

HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR) ,remote control,           on-screen program guide, PLUS:




Digital Tier


Sports Tier                                     HD Programming:

Disney channel west


Speed                                              WRGB



Tennis Channel                                WXXA

Discovery Kids


Fuel                                                  WTEN



Outdoor Channel                              WNYT



NBATV                                              TNT

XYTV  Gen-X Music, reality


Fox Sports World (pac/atl/cent)         NBC Universal

Military Channel


CSTV                                                 Movies on Demand

Discovery Health


HBO on Demand

Do it Yourself Network



Fine Living


HD Tier: In Demand I, In Demand II, Discovery, HD Net,

Fit TV


 HD Net Movies, ESPN, YES, MSG, HBO or Show (w/subscription)

Lifetime Real Women





College PICS Package #3 - $29.95* x month


Trinity Broadcasting Network


includes: Standard 78 channel lineup,


College PICs Packages  # 1 & 2, PLUS: Digital Video Recorder, remote control,

Fox Sports World


PLUS: College PICs #s 1 & 2, 



HD Digital Video Recorder (DVR) ,remote control,

Hallmark Channel


on-screen program guide, PLUS:



Premiums- receive all

Independent Film Channel


HBO                          plus HBO On-Demand

BBC America


Cinemax                    plus Cinemax On-Demand

Local Weather


Showtime                   plus Showtime On-Demand

New York 1


The Movie Channel    plus TMC On-Demand

CNN International



CNBC World


Encore – 8 channels

Current TV 



Bloomberg TV









Biography Channel



History International



The Science Channel



Reality TV



Fox Business Channel



WTEN Local Weather





Ala Carte products:

VH-1 Classics


available as add-ons to any packages

BET on Jazz


Each Additional Premium Channel                  $5.00 x mo.

Great American Country


Spanish Tier - 13 channels                              $4.95 x mo.

America’s Store


Rai - Italian                                                      $9.95 x mo.

Fuse TV


TVAsia                                                             $9.95 x mo.



ZeeTV                                                              $9.95 x mo.



22 HD channels                         price determined by level

13 or 14 HBO West coast feeds


Sports packages                        price determined by package

29 Free on Demand channels



Movies on Demand


* Prices are estimates


45 Music channels


** Bundles and pricing are subject to change




For more information or assistance contact the Helpdesk (518)244-4777 or email at helpdesk at sage dot edu

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Article ID: 114
Last updated: 05 May, 2016
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