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Enabling Automatic Updates (Mac/PC)

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Last updated: 13 Aug, 2015

Automatic Updates

Microsoft and Apple periodically release software updates and improvements to their operating systems and software. These updates are important to keep your computer secure and running smoothly. You can ease your mind of this task by enabling automatic updates. Once done, the updates will automatically download and install for you. Here is how to do it.
Windows 8
  1. Open Control Panel:
    1. From the "Windows Tiles" screen
      1. Click the down arrow in the bottom left side
      2. Under Windows System you can go into Control Panel

  1. Or from the Desktop View
    1. Right click the Windows Icon
    2. Select Control Panel

  1. In the Control Panel, click System and Security


  1. Select the "Turn automatic updating on or off".

  1. Select the options you would like to use and hit "OK"
Windows 7

  1. Go to the Windows (Start) logo, then type "Windows Update" in the search box at the bottom.
  2. In the window that appears, click "Change Settings" at the top right.
  3. Be sure that "Install updates automatically" is selected.
Macintosh OS X
  1. At the top left, click the Apple logo.
  2. Select "System Preferences" from the menu.
  3. In System Preferences, select the "Software Update" icon (fourth row).
  4. Be sure to check off "Check for updates" and then click "Check now".
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Article ID: 141
Last updated: 13 Aug, 2015
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