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How to Connect to Sage Express (Wireless Network)

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Last updated: 21 Mar, 2013
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Posted: 02 Nov, 2011
Updated: 21 Mar, 2013
by: Bennett T.

How to Connect to Sage Express

If you are planning on connecting to the wireless network, you will need to follow this simple procedure.
1.       Open your wireless connection on the bottom right if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7. In XP, right click wireless icon and choose "view wireless networks"
2.       Click “Connect” to the network named “sage express”
3.       Once the connection finishes, you will have to open a web browser such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.
4.       Enter the same username and password you use for your MySage account.
5.       Please also read the Acceptable Use Policy, and click "I accept the terms then click “Login
6.       You will be prompted with a loading screen saying, “Your network access is currently being enabled. Once network connectivity is established you will be automatically redirected.”
7.       After this finishes, you are free to browse the internet!
Please note, it may take some time for your computer to connect to the network. If it does not connect after 5 minutes, please restart your computer and try to connect to any website.


Submitted by: Wayne Cook, edited by Adam Starnes 5/14/12

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