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How to Scan using a Toshiba printer/copier

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Last updated: 08 Feb, 2013

1.   Load paper in top feeder to scan multiple pages, or raise the top of the printer to use the glass scanning bed for single pages.

2.  Plugin USB drive in slot on front of printer if wanting to scan to usb

3.  Press the scan button to select the scan mode, then choose usb or email

4.  If need to change resolution, or color, click common setting button.

5.  If email, Press the Input button and then type your address

6.  Press start to scan.  press finish if applicable when done.

7. A)  You will recieve an email from [email protected] with an attachment pdf of your scan

    B) Or if on usb, check under SCAN folder in thumb drive for new pdf of scan.  Please remove thumb drive when done.

Article ID: 513
Last updated: 08 Feb, 2013
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