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How to use the SCAN to USB function on a printer

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Last updated: 01 Mar, 2013

 The SCAN to USB function stores your scans to a USB storage device.

To scan to a USB storage device (Toshiba Multi-Function Printers):

  • Place the originals document in the document feeder or on the glass
    • Note you will be able to scan multiple pages from the feeder, while the documents on the glass will need to be replaced after every scan.
  • Press the SCAN button on the control panel

  • Press FILE/USB on the touch screen

  • Connect the USB drive to the Toshiba Multi-Function Printer; wait for FOUND USB DEVICE to be display in the touch panel.
  • Press USB MEDIA to select it and deselect MFP LOCAL, your scans will be stored to the USB drive and NOT be stored on the Printer.
  • Select the FILE FORMAT (PDF, TIFF, XPS) and FILE NAME and press OK
    • PDF files can be read with Adobe Acrobat Reader and is more universally accepted
    • TIFF, is an image file and can be open with most photo and graphic editing programs
    • XPS, is a Microsoft format and you will need a XPS View to open
    • If using the glass to scan images, continue to place documents on  the glass and press SCAN, When you are finish press JOB FINISH
    • You can put multiple pages in the feeder to be scan, when you are finish press JOB FINISH.
    • Your scan document will be in the SCAN folder on the USB Media.


To scan to a USB storage device (Lexmark Printer (x364dn))

Scanning to a flash drive

  1. Insert a flash drive into the front USB port.
  2. USB Menu appears.
  3. Press the arrow buttons until Scan to USB appears and then presses the Check mark to select…
  4. Press Start To Begin appears.
  5. Load an original document face up, short edge first into the feeder or face down on the scanner glass.
  6. If you are loading a document into the feeder, then adjust the paper guides.
    • You may load multiple pages into the feeder but only one at a time on the glass
  7. Your scan document will be in Scan Folder on the USB Media


For more information or to get assistance, Contact the helpdesk at 518-244-4777 or by emailing [email protected].

Article ID: 521
Last updated: 01 Mar, 2013
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