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Free Alternatives to Photoshop

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Last updated: 13 Nov, 2014

Free Alternatives to Photoshop

Note: For personal computer use only


Gimp is an open source program that allows users to manipulate images in almost any way that they want. It is cross platform and is supported on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. The user interface might not be friendly to those who don’t know it, but the upside is that Gimp is entirely moddable.  If Gimp can’t do it the community of people that support it will have a patch out that fixes that problem before long.  There are even several mods that fix some of the user interface issues as well.

Link: Gimp


This program was designed as a replacement for Microsoft Paint.  The app is less powerful in many ways than Gimp but entirely easier to use.  Quick and easy install, but only currently supported on Windows.

Link: Paint.NET


Similar in functionality to Paint.Net, but is cross platform and works on Mac OSX, Windows, and Linux. It is a good middle ground between GIMP and

Link: Pinta


Pixlr is a free, web-based app that boasts some of power that has made Photoshop so pervasive.  The up side is that any computer with an internet connection is able to use it without much of an issue.  Geared more towards the beginner than the power user the site also offers several different modes that hide some of the more advanced options and make editing more simplified with an easier user interface. The downside is that doing some of the more intensive and drawn out editing can easily makes the app chug.

Link: Pixlr

Sumo Paint

Another web based option that is very similar to Pixlr but without the choices to select the user interface level when starting.  It also has reminders when it is started up that there are additional paid options of the program to use as well as the free one.

Link: Sumo Paint

Article ID: 524
Last updated: 13 Nov, 2014
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