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How to use Shea Learning Center SmartCarts (Crestron) and Study Rooms

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Last updated: 10 May, 2017

Beginning Fall 2013, The Sage Colleges have created three new classrooms in the Shea Learning Center, along with many study rooms with enhanced technology.

Each classroom has a new controller device that will

1) turn on the projector,

2) change the audio and video source

3) allows for control of sound and has a shutdown button to end

Basement and Poetry Room:

Simply, Touch the screen to bring up the main page (if black, touch the screen firmly to "wake it up")

From here, choose your device input. Room PC is tower PC in the actual podium, Laptop is the external HDMI or VGA + Audio, or Component for an external video device.

This setup is the same for both the basement classroom and the poetry room (shea 204)

Once you have chosen a device, you can then then change your volume settings (up, down, mute)

NOTE: Please make sure to press the volume up button if you do not hear any sound.

when you are completed, or the class has ended, please be sure to press the shutdown button on the right and confirm to shut down the projector and devices
or click the home button on the top right to go back to the start.

The Seminar Room (Shea 201):

The seminar room has a very similar but slightly different setup.

In this case, you need to select which screen the video goes to first, then choose the input. This way, you can have the computer on one screen, but a completely different input on the other (e.g. blu ray player)

So, to begin, Touch the screen to bring you to the home screen, then choose what screen you want to display on

Once a display is chosen, please choose a video source:

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is only one set of speakers in this room, so make sure to go back to home to choose "Audio" and pick what source you want to hear.  Also make sure to adjust your volume so that you can hear your audio.

In this room you can also choose "Phone" from the home screen, and the controller will act like a phone, and you can start a conference call that will use the state-of-the-art microphone and speakers in that room

Also, you can choose Front or Rear Floor input, which are video and audio connections in the floor at the very front of the room, and near the side table closest to the door, for use with laptops on the tables.

Any questions or comments please contact us at [email protected] or 244-4777

Article ID: 576
Last updated: 10 May, 2017
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