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How To: Wireless connection on Mac OS X.

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Last updated: 13 Aug, 2014

How To: Wireless on OSX

Start off by clicking the wireless network icon located in the right side of the menu bar.

Then click on the network named "Sage_Colleges"

A new window will prompt you for a username and password. Enter your sage username and password. Do not enter your email for your username, it will not work.

Finally you must accept the Acceptable Use Policy. To do this read it over then select "I accept the terms". Then click the "Login" button. Please wait up to three minutes for your wireless to be fully enabled.

If all else fails, please contact the helpdesk at 244-4777 with your username, device name, a contact number, and if possible, your MAC address.

Or, go back to the main wireless article.

Article ID: 599
Last updated: 13 Aug, 2014
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