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How to connect gaming and media devices to Sage WiFi

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Last updated: 05 May, 2016

Normally, any device that has a built in internet browser can be added easily to the sage wifi, as seen HERE

But, a device that has no browser, such as:

most smart TVs

Xbox 360 (without IE)

Roku and other steaming devices

To add these devices, please go to

Please read the acceptable use policy, then click "I accept the terms"

Login to this with your sage username and password, then click "Login".

Now, input the MAC address of the wireless device you are trying to register

MAC addresses are always 12 characters long, with letters and numbers witha colon every 2 characters.

this information is usually in the "Settings" menu under "Network" or "Information" for most devices.

with that inputted, click the "Register" button.

Your device will now be registered on the Sage WiFi network.

Some common device MAC information locations:


From the Wii Channel menu, select "Wii Settings" (the round button on the    bottom-left of the screen with "Wii" on it).

Select "Internet," then "Console Settings."

The MAC address of the Wii console is displayed on the first line

Xbox 360:

Upon logging in, skip signing into XBOX Live. 

Scroll to the “Settings” menu.  Then, select “System”.

Under system settings scroll down to “Network Settings”.  Select it.

The next menu will be “Available Networks”.  Select “Wired Network”.

In the “Network Settings” select “Configure Network”.

There should be two tabs that say “Basic Settings” and “Additional Settings”.  Select the “Additional Settings” tab. 
Within that tab you’ll see “PPPoE settings” and “Advanced Settings”.  Select the “Advanced Settings” menu.

In the advanced settings menu, you’ll see your MAC Address listed.  This is the information you’ll need to provide when wanting to gain access to theSage_Guest network.


On the back on your player—it’s a set of six 2-digit pairs separated by colons, e.g. 00:0D:0A:1H:3G:5C. Please note only the Wireless MAC, the wired will not be useful here.

Alternatively, from the Roku home screen, select settings> player info. The addresses will be listed on-screen.

Article ID: 603
Last updated: 05 May, 2016
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