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How to connect to Wifi with an Android device

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Last updated: 09 Feb, 2016

1) Open your wireless connections page from the settings application.

From there, you will see the "Sage_Colleges" network, choose this network.

After choosing to connect, you will be asked to login.

2 ) Make sure to change Phase 2 authentication to "MSCHAPV2" instead of none.

3) Then input your Sage Username in "Identity.

*leave anonymous identity blank*

4) Then fill out your Sage Password into the password slot and click connect.

Removing Wireless Connection

After resetting your password you may have to reset your wireless settings for the Sage_Colleges Network

1. Long press the listed network you want to forget.

2. Tap Forget Network.

3. Reconnect to the wireless network

Article ID: 656
Last updated: 09 Feb, 2016
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