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How to Use the Sage IT Helpdesk Self Service Portal

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Last updated: 24 Apr, 2017

You can create new work orders online using our IT Helpdesk Work Order Creation. You can access the work order creation through the IT tab on MyPortal or by going to

Log in using your Sage account username and password

Next select Add a New Work Order

Fill out the information on the New Work Order page. You can select the Common Requests tab to see some work order templates that you can select. Once you are done filling out the information click the Submit button to finish your work order.

Once you have submitted your work order you will be brought to a page to review your work order. If you click the Home button you will return to the main page.

You can also check the status of current work orders online. On the home page select the View My Work Orders option.

You can select the work order you want to review by clicking on the ID. You can also review completed work orders by selecting the Close Work Orders tab.

If you have any questions regarding submitting work orders online, please contact the helpdesk at 244-4777 or [email protected]

Article ID: 708
Last updated: 24 Apr, 2017
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Posted: 19 Apr, 2017 by Stephan J.
Updated: 24 Apr, 2017 by Stephan J.
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