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How to Register for Classes

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Last updated: 10 Oct, 2017

Student Registration

How to use the self-service portal
How to Register (Video)
How to Register (Online Student Video)


  1. Once in Sage Advisor, select Student Planning in the Registration section of the page.
  2. Choose 'Go To My Progress' under View Your Progress.
  3. Scroll down to find the appropriate section and course. Click on the Hyperlink (Ex: MAT-220).
  4. Select 'View All Available Sections'
  5. Select 'Add Section to Schedule' 
  6. Click 'Add Section'


  1. Hover over Student Planning and select 'Plan & Schedule'
  2. Use left and right arrows to find appropriate semester.
  3. Register for all planned courses (in yellow) by clicking the 'Register' or 'Register Now' button.

For Registration Help

Registrar's Office
(518) 244-2341 (Troy)
(518) 292-1949 (Albany)
[email protected]

For Account Help

Help Desk
(518) 244-4777
[email protected]

For Moodle Help

Sage Online
(518) 244-4580
[email protected]

Article ID: 714
Last updated: 10 Oct, 2017
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