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How to Create a Turnitin Assignment in Moodle

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Last updated: 26 Oct, 2017

Turnitin Assignment In Moodle



  1. Click 'Turn editing On'.
  2. Click 'Add an Activity or Resource'.
  3. Select 'Turnitin Activity'.
  4. Fill out Title and Description.
  5. Change the Following if necessary.
    • Number of Parts- Make this more than 1 if you'd like to submit drafts or multiple submissions.
    • Student Originality Report- Yes (For student to see how close theirs is to other submissions online or otherwise).
    • Report Generation Speed- 3 options (When do you want the report to generate? Do you want to allow edits?)

Grade (Screen Shot below)

  1. Select the Submission Inbox Tab.
  2. Click the Edit Pencil under 'Grade'.
  3. In the Pop-Up Window, Enter the Grade on top and comments on the right.
  4. Changes will be saved automatically.


       1. Go into the course on
       2. Click on the turnitin assignment
       3. Click on the tab labeled "My Submissions"
       4. In the Field "Submission Title" type in the title of your submission (Example: Nevins assignment 1)
       5. In the next block down click the icon of a paper with a + and browse for your assignment.
       6. Be sure to check the small box below the upload document field before you click My Submission.  

Student video for turnitin:

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Article ID: 715
Last updated: 26 Oct, 2017
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