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document How to Record a Voicemail Greeting on Your Polycom Phone
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document How to Change Your Password on Your Polycom Phone
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document Call forwarding for Asterisk (Polycom) phones
Guide to Call Forwarding Press the “Menu” button. Then Press the Check Mark button to select “Features”. Press the down arrow button twice to select “Forward” and press the check mark to select. Press check mark to select either Always or No answer forwarding. ...
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document Voicemail Options for Asterisk
Menu 1 Read voicemail messages 3 Advanced options 1 Reply 2 Call back(1) 3 Envelope 4 Play previous message 5 Repeat current message 6 Play next message 7 Delete current message 8 Forward message to another mailbox 1 Use Voicemailnumber (only available if...
05 May, 2016 Views: 4493 Comments: 1
document Cable TV for Students: Upgrade Package
Time Warner Cable also offers our students the option to order additional upgrade packages at a special college rate. These optional packages create a contract strictly between the student and Time Warner Cable. The Sage College is not directly involved with the upgrade package contracts. To...
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document Cable TV for Students: Basic Channel Line up
Time Warner Cable's Standard Troy, NY Channel Line-Up Channel & Channel Name Channel & Channel Name 1 Time Warner Cable Info 40 The Learning Channel 2 Cable Satellite Public...
05 May, 2016 Views: 3337 Comments: 0
document How to Scan using a Toshiba printer/copier
1.   Load paper in top feeder to scan multiple pages, or raise the top of the printer to use the glass scanning bed for single pages. 2.  Plugin USB drive in slot on front of printer if wanting to scan to usb 3.  Press the scan button to select the scan mode, then choose...
08 Feb, 2013 Views: 3201 Comments: 0
document How to use Sage Cloud
First, open any browser and navigate to CLOUD.SAGE.EDU From here, login with your sage username and password. and if you click the Eye button, you can reveal your password If you use this computer often, you can also choose the "remember" button to make it easier to login again. Once logged...
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document Voicemail: Basic Instructions
For all voice mail activity Log into the system by dialing 4500 or 244-4500 from off-campus. Enter your 4-digit extension followed by the # sign Enter your password followed by the # sign For more information or assistance contact the Helpdesk (518)244-4777 or email at [email protected]
05 May, 2016 Views: 3068 Comments: 0
document How to connect gaming and media devices to Sage WiFi
Normally, any device that has a built in internet browser can be added easily to the sage wifi, as seen HERE But, a device that has no browser, such as: most smart TVs Xbox 360 (without IE) Roku and other steaming devices To add these devices, please go to...
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document How to undo/ restore files and make corrections on Sage Cloud
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document Setting up Sage email on Android
You can receive Sage email on your Android device by using our SageMail App Sage Mail is a full featured open source email client, built from K9 Mail project. Sage Mail operates on mobile devices that utilize the Android platform. Sage Mail has been created specifically for people who have email...
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document Persistent linking to Library Database Articles
Persistent links, also called durable or stable links, are internet addresses or URLs that remain consistent and do not change over time. This allows users to retrieve articles and other subscribed content by clicking on a link embedded in a web site, email or course management system. Only...
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document How to set your Polycom phone to "Do not Disturb"
Polycom Mode 450 1. 1. Press Menu key 2. 2. Select option 1 features 3. 3. Then Select option 1 Do not disturb 4. 4. Press Menu key 5. 5. You would see X next to your extension. 6. 6. To undo, repeat the same steps ...
05 May, 2016 Views: 2547 Comments: 0
document How do I change my Sage Blogs (Wordpress) password?
Upon creation of your blog and Wordpress account, an automatically generated random alpha-numeric password is given to your account. You can change this password to something easier to remember. It is suggested to change your password the first time you log into your account. To change your...
05 May, 2016 Views: 2520 Comments: 0
document How To Record a Temporary Voicemail Greeting
Instructions for creating a "Temporary Greeting" for voicemail to replace your "Unavailable" greeting. This will not record over your normal "Unavailable" greeting, and can be removed when you return. Dial the voicemail extension 4500, or press the "Messages" button on your phone. Enter your...
05 May, 2016 Views: 2394 Comments: 0
document Student Phone information
Student phones are not provided by default by the college; however, if you are a student and require a phone in your dorm room, you may submit a request through student life to have one installed. Student Life can be reached by phone at (518)-244-2207 and is located in Cowee Hall at Russell...
05 May, 2016 Views: 2195 Comments: 1
document Copyright and Fair Use: Frequently Asked Questions
For answers to Copyright and Fair Use FAQs, click here.
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document How to request a Meta course
What is a meta course and why might you want one? A meta course is an umbrella site that allows an instructor to build one Moodle site that will allow the instructor to include all students from several cross-listed sections. Students and instructors, if there is more than one instructor, will...
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document How to add contacts in Sage Cloud
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document How do I find my Computer's Name in Windows 8?
Move your mouse to the lower left hand corner of the screen.  A small blue box will appear after about two seconds. After that appears right click on it and a long list will appear.  The item that we are currently searching for is “System” which is fourth from the...
03 Apr, 2014 Views: 1869 Comments: 0
document How to Upload Files to the Sage Cloud
Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE After logging into Sage Cloud there are two ways to upload files. The...
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document How to Submit an IT Work Order Request
How to Submit an IT Work Order Request There are four different ways you can submit an IT work order request. You can log into the Helpdesk Self Service at You can email your problem to [email protected] You can call the Sage Help Desk at (518) 244-4777 You can submit...
13 Apr, 2017 Views: 1753 Comments: 0
document How do I map to a network drive on a Mac?
These instructions were created using Mac OS X 10.8.2, but the procedure is similar for other versions of Mac OS X. In Finder, click Go on the menu bar, select Connect to Server. Alternatively you can use a shortcut key combination by pressing Command and K at the same time. The Command...
13 Apr, 2017 Views: 1708 Comments: 0
document How to download an Ebrary ebook to an IPad
Download Ebrary Books to Your iPad Create an Adobe ID 1. Go to 2. Click “Create an account” 3. Fill in at least the starred fields… 4. Click “OK” Create an ebrary account 1. Go to the Sage Libraries website...
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