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Multitasking with Expose & Spaces on Mac OS X

For those of you who find yourself with to many windows open at a time, or having to multitask on a single monitor, Expose & Spaces has your answer.  Expose & Spaces will help keep you more organized and eliminate the need for a second monitor.  In this article I will discuss the highlights and possible functionality included with these two powerful tools.  Let's start by navigating to Expose & Spaces in the "System Preferences" pane.

 Click on the Apple symbol in the upper left corner.

Click on Expose & Spaces under the "Personal" preferences.

 The first tool we will discuss is Expose.  Expose has two main parts, Active Screen Corners, and Keyboard and mouse Shortcuts.  With Active Screen Corners the corners of the screen become "hot spots" that triggers an action you choose from the drop down list.

You can set the screen corners to do a number of task, such as, show all windows, show desktop, open spaces, or inactive.

The second tab on this window is Spaces.  With Spaces, you can set up "worksapces" which act as virtual monitors if you will.  You have as many as 16 separate workspaces.  This way you can work on multiple projects with out having to sort through windows upon windows.  Say you have three different tasks going, purchasing supplies, working on an editing project, and doing research on the web.  You can set workspace 1 to do all your Creative Suites work, and workspace 2 dedicated to Safari, while your third workspace is handling the purchasing application.  All you have to do to switch back and forth from workspaces is a shortcut key, or an Active Screen Corner we mentioned earlier.

To start using Spaces simply click the box "Enable Space".  You can now add or subtract rows and columns using the + or - buttons.  "Application Assignments" are setting you specify for certain programs to open in certain workspaces.  Click on the plus sign to find an application.

If the application you want is not in the list choose other.

Choose the application you want to assign to a workspace and click 'Add".  The application will now be in the list, all you have to do now is assign it to a workspace.  Click on the workspace it is assigned too, and this will open a drop down box.  Choose the workspace and you are all set.